I know you are in pain, unimaginable pain and I realize it took great effort and courage for you to get on here and search for help, for emotional healing.

Yes, I applaud your courage: searching for comfort, wanting to have hope. Wishing to have courage to live your life and do the things you want to.

Life is meant to be LIVED, not dreaded. ENJOYED not existing because you happen to be alive, often wishing you weren’t.

But how can you love life, appreciate the ‘gift of life’, when your experience of life is only pain and misery? And the only ‘feelings’ or ‘emotions’ you have are pain, sadness, depression.

Maybe you’ve tried desperately to ‘numb out’ these feelings – hoping that will make the pain go away?

Actually, this ‘numbing’ only makes the happy emotions go away and the painful feelings and emotions stronger and harder to deal with.

Let’s learn a few simple techniques that will have several powerful benefits which improve your quality of life beyond your biggest hopes.

The benefits include:
1 – a happier life and brighter outlook on your future.

2 – better able to handle all the thoughts, emotions, even events or circumstances in your life, they don’t cause you to be devastated, unable to cope with a miserable life.

3 – you will find yourself ‘feeling’ love and appreciation for yourself and others.

These benefits are side-effects of emotional healing, emotional wellbeing.
My work is not about dealing with or healing ‘symptoms’.
My work is not about what is it right or wrong, true or false, real or imagined.
The KEY word is ‘WORKABILITY!’

Ask yourself: “Is this thought in my head or images in my mind helpful to me are harmful? Pleasant or helpful now without harmful cost in the long-term.” Are your choices and actions helping you live the life you want?

What do you want in life? What future do you want? Who do you want to be? What matters to you? How can you know?

When you stop pouring all your effort into fighting negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, and use that energy to take small conscious actions that move you closer to your values – Wow! How easier life is, more enjoyable!

When you stop numbing yourself trying to stop the pain, but just let thoughts and feelings flow in and out, (for example: let yourself grieve) you will find positive thoughts, emotions and feelings will also flow in and out. You will have ‘made room’ for the positive.

Life will have pains and sorrows, I’m sorry, but it just will. So let’s enjoy the good so happiness fills our heart and our life. Instead of being overwhelmed by the bad, we are filled up and overflowing with the good leaving no room for the bad so it simply flows off our back.

Shall we begin your journey to a life full of meaning and happiness?

Read through the information on this website s-l-o-w-l-y! One page at a time, one paragraph at a time. Don’t rush! Let the thoughts sink in. Ponder what the effect that has/can have in your life.

Take 5-10 minutes each day to read or review a paragraph or page here. Then think about it as you go about your day. Pick a concept and practice it when appropriate.

If you would benefit from help in your journey of healing and learning, use the CONTACT FORM and let me know what you would like help with.

I look forward to working together to end the pain!
Cathlene Bollin – Personal Life Coach, Strategic Intervention

PS: This is not psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy. I am not a psychiatrist. It’s not about changing your behavior by controlling your thoughts. It’s not about “la-te-da, everything is okay” rosey glasses. It’s not about taking out your problems to get relief. Not about being cured of your symptoms (such as depression, anxiety, impulsive behavior, stress, weight management, etc.), although that is generally a side-benefit.

This is about learning a few simple techniques for emotional healing giving you psychological (or emotional) flexibility.

Transforming the inner YOU so you feel joy not sadness, appreciation not pain. So you naturally have an optimistic outlook instead of fear and despair.

Focusing on what is important to you and focusing your efforts to keep moving towards your core values, live mindfully being present so you enjoy and appreciate life. It’s not about control but acceptance and appreciation. The aim is for your life to have a sense of value, vitality, meaning and purpose.

Your life is then naturally transformed into a life you love and enjoy each day – full of love and appreciation! Happy happy!

Let’s start your journey to a happy life with inner peace.